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IT Staffing
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BMP TECHNOLOGIES is dedicated towards providing recruitment/staffing solutions. Over the years we have been fortunate to work with multiple organizations as preferred vendor partners for their hiring needs. We began with a well-defined objective of bridging the demand-supply gap in the Australian IT industry by procuring the right people for our clients.

Annually, we deploy over 18,000 applications professionals to support all stages of the applications life cycle including analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance. Our proprietary Staffing ensures you receive the best match of talent for your applications staffing needs.
Our staffing team takes pride in building long term relationships with our clients and job seekers in order to fully understand their needs and goals.


Our IT staffing solutions facilitate you with a number of options to protect, validate, analyze and optimize your resources to succeed. We begin our joint venture in quest of deeply indulging with all your business targets and gaps between your current and upcoming conditions. We then architect a strategic IT staffing workforce to fulfill your need for candidates with high level of expertise and competencies.


Global Staffing

Global Staffing Services offer both onshore and offshore recruiting, where an organization can save on their IT spending without compromising the quality on their Global IT Team. The R-CoE serves clients across the globe and round the clock.

Onshore Staffing

BMP provides Onshore Recruiting (also known as domestic or near – shore outsourcing). BMP’s Recruiting Center of Excellence will perform recruiting support function in your country of operation working with your local HR.

Offshore Staffing

BMP provides Offshore outsourcing, your IT team your fulltime employees or BMP contractors would be working out of the BMP Centers in India or designated country.

Permanent Staffing

Permanent staffing provides significant importance in the human resource strategy of every company. BMP is equipped with quality and dedicated services to provide permanent employees, who have a greater of retention and succeeding in the long run. Our success rate in this service has been close to 99%. Our guarantee for this service if the hired resource leaves the company within 80 days, BMP will replace the resource for free of cost.

Contract Hire

Recruiting resources at each stage in the form of temporary employees is the appropriate solution where hiring resources permanently is out of scope or budget


Contract to Hire Staffing is best suited for the company that wants to reduce the risk of the entire recruitment process. BMP handles the mutual relationship between the organization and the clints.

Flexible Staffing

Flexible Staffing is a service offered for an organization where the employees can be leased employees or contract workers. BMP hires highly qualified professionals to add value to your business on a contract or contract-to-hire basis..