Diffblue Cover

Diffblue Cover, the company’s first product, automatically generates tests for Java code to enable development teams to deliver higher quality software, faster. Diffblue’s technology is developed by our team of leading experts in software verification and synthesis. Our customers include Goldman Sachs and Amazon Web Services.


How does it work?

Diffblue Cover is software for Linux and Windows that runs 100% locally on your computer.

You can run it on your entire Java project, just one class, or anything in between. It gets your project structure and dependencies from Maven or Gradle. Cover supports Spring Java apps and writes tests that use standard Spring idioms and mocking.

Save time

Diffblue Cover uses AI to automatically write suites of unit tests for Java code that would otherwise take days or weeks to write manually. This saves your team valuable time and efficiently gets you the test coverage you need.


Prevent bottlenecks

Software testing is the #1 bottleneck in DevOps. These testing bottlenecks lead to regressions and lost developer productivity, slowing your development velocity and reducing product quality.

Automation is required at all phases of your CI and DevOps process. Diffblue Cover can help you increase the automation of your CI pipeline.

Make your workflow continuous

Diffblue Cover integrates via Git and can be adapted to your workflow, allowing you to continually create unit tests, and have truly continuous integration.

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