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Our BI services help transform your organizational data into intelligence that aid in making fact based business decision. This, in turn, allows your organization to understand customers better, respond quicker to dynamic market conditions and ultimately transform into a data-driven enterprise.


BMP Tech’s Big Data management practice helps your enterprise manage and derive value out of the sheer volume, variety and velocity of data generated from the ever-increasing sources. We combine many years of information management experience and expertise on a variety of Big Data management and integration tools such as Hadoop, MongoDB, Talend and Pentaho to transform your organization to a truly data driven enterprise.



Our BIDW practice offers a comprehensive suite of data warehousing services to help enterprises overcome the challenges of voluminous and siloed data, data quality issues and unstructured data formats. A data warehouse is constructed by integrating data from multiple heterogeneous sources that support analytical reporting, structured and/or ad hoc queries, and decision making.


Give your teams the power of interacting with data the way they like it, when they want it. BMP Tech delivers self-serviceable business intelligence helping organizations speed up their time to insight by creating interactive, visual reports and dashboards using different reporting tools.Data visualization has become the de facto standard for modern business intelligence (BI). The success of the two leading vendors in the BI space.



BMP Tech has extensive experience in implementing data integration solutions that span ETL, Big Data integrations, BI platform integrations, unstructured data handling and enterprise content integration. Our experts are well versed with many Data Integration tools to meet each of your business requirements.