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AI- Search driven analytics
AI - Search Driven Analytics
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There are a number of different types of search technologies out there, and we often get asked what we mean when we say “Search-Driven Analytics.”

BMP is a Valued Technology Partner with keen focus on Artificial Intelligence and is associated with AI product solution companies which help in making our systems and cities smarter, safer, secure and efficient.

The Face Recognition system can recognize faces at a significantly lower resolution than any other system. These capabilities are modular and can be combined to solve complex problems across industries spread over in Manufacturing, Health Care, Aged Care, Education, Government, Law Enforcement, Transportation and Supply Chain Logistics.


All Big Data analysis is based on “text data”. Solution systems can convert everything that is seen, heard or smelt by the system into Meaningful, Multimedia Metadata (MMM) – which is essentially text. This enables very fast analysis of data for forensic investigations. As the system is able to eliminate noise which is usually 90% of the data, it helps to speed up the search and analysis even further